OmniVoid August Media Updates


The last few months have been great for the OmniVoid team, and our FPS-RPG, Ashes, has received several mechanic & aesthetic upgrades. From the ancient environments of Tombala, to the aerial soundscape of "Into the Skies" - new worlds await Ashes alpha testers. Steam access codes for Ashes v0.0.6a will be sent to OmniVoid Studio Insiders during the month of August, so be sure to register here since space is limited.

Unearthing Tombala

Ashes v0.0.6a introduces players to the cryptic dimension of Tombala. Begin a trek through the forests and caverns of an enigmatic ancient civilization, or wage your skills against other players in new PvP game modes. Ashes Alpha Test v0.0.6a is the first in a series of Tombala-related releases, so expect more of this mysterious world to be unearthed.

Studio Site Updates

The Ashes Development and Staff galleries have been updated, and also feature new additions. These updated galleries can be found on the OmniVoid Photo Media page. The OmniVoid Team page has also been updated with new staff photos, as well as bios. Learn more about the creative minds behind OmniVoid, and get connected with the team.

"Into the Skies"

OmniVoid composer, Tony Manfredonia, has studied at both Montclair State University and Temple University for Music Composition, and has also trained with some of the greatest contemporary composers. Listen to the latest addition to the Official Ashes Soundtrack, "Into the Skies", and hear a glimpse of whats to come in future Ashes releases.

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