OmniVoid Forums Now Live

OmniVoid Launches New Website

The OmniVoid Community Forums are now live! Be sure to register for them here. The Community Forums have several discussion sections for current OmniVoid Studio Insiders, Developer Blogs, and other public discussions about OmniVoid's development. If you are currently a OmniVoid Studio Insider, you need to register for the OmniVoid Community Forums so that we can transfer your information. Please fill out the Studio Insider request form here if that is the case.

We will be posting several studio news and game announcements over the course of the next few days, so be sure to register as soon as possible so that you can join in the discussions!

Studio Insider Forum Sections:

  • Ashes Alpha General Discussion - Talk about the Ashes Alpha Test with other Studio Insiders.
  • Ashes Alpha Bug Report - Submit bugs found while playing Ashes Alpha Test.

Ashes Forum Sections:

  • Announcements - Official Ashes news and release information from OmniVoid Studio.
  • General Discussion - General discussion about FPS-RPG, Ashes.
  • Guide & Strategy - Fresh from the Ashes? Ask experienced players questions, and find helpful guides here.
  • Ashes Lore - Discuss the Ashes world and storyline here.

Support Forum Sections:

  • Customer Service - OmniVoid Support Agent moderated forum to discuss and inquire about in-game and account related issues.
  • Service Status - Collection of important messages regarding the status of services, such as parallels.
  • Technical Support - For issues installing, patching, or connecting to the OmniVoid Game Launcher and Ashes.

Developer's Blog Forum Sections:

  • Art - OmniVoid Game Artists: Chris Farral, Dan Falk, David Abbott, Nabila Hanis, and Stefano Zantut talk about animation, illustration and 3D modeling.
  • Audio - OmniVoid Audio Engineers & Composers: Stephen Kaputsos, Steve Bruce, and Tony Manfredonia talk about composing, sound design and songwriting.
  • Design - OmniVoid Designers: Coby Jennings, David Abbott and Stephen Kaputsos talk about core elements, game mechanics, graphic design and level design.
  • Programming - OmniVoid Programmer: Coby Jennings talks about scripting and code.